Sci-Fi AF

Sci-Fi AF

Stories From the Culture That Take Us To Another Realm.
Official Selections of the Hip Hop Film Festival 2023

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Sci-Fi AF
  • The Transporters

    Returning from a deep space delivery mission, the crew of the spacecraft THE DEFENDER, rescues a cast away adrift in space that holds the key to earth's future. Unbeknownst to the crew of the space craft, one amongst them is hatching a sinister plot to prevent their return to earth.

  • The Blacked Out Project

    When a man seeks therapy & begins to speak, he reveals a cyberpunk Lo-Fi HipHop musical comeback story of betrayal, loss & uprising

  • The Fourth

    Eager to celebrate the 4th of July, a group of young black and Latino friends experience a police encounter that shatters the meaning of the holiday.

  • Sunset Pilot Eposide 1

    After meeting in the VR app THE VOID, two lovers find themselves trapped in the Metaverse when the app is decommissioned. With only few hours to escape , Nova and Prince must outwit the sinister presence known as VEIL to free their minds and bodies from being trapped in the metaverse forever.

  • Ascenders

    In the near future, the fight for civil rights are led by THE ASCENDERS, a group of friends united to dismantle the injustice system run by the ruthless and racist HOUND DOGMAS.

  • El Pulpo Relleno

    Once upon a time, a man had an existential crisis concerning his direction in life but in the process, created an unlikely companion to guide himself through it...